..:: Prices ::..
Digital Outline/Inked: $30/ 25 Euro
Flat Colored: $40 / 30 Euro
Colored and Shaded: $60 / 45 Euro
Comic: depends but min. $100 / 75 Euro - 3 panels with no shading. every extra panel + $20 / 15 Euro
Charsheet : $140 / 105 Euro (front, left, back, 2-3 facial expresses, no hands or feed closeups)
..:: Sample1 Sample2 ::..
..:: Sample1 Sample2 ::..
..:: Sample1 Sample2 ::..
..:: Sample1 Sample2 ::..
..:: Sample1 Sample2 ::..

Didn't found what you are looking for? E-Mail me: "oliver @ oliverfox . de"

..:: Picture Information ::..
I draw all pictures at a size of 3500x3500 pixel @ 300 dpi and up. It's the best size for me to draw good outlines and my computer can work with it fine without to much loadings. If you want it in a larger size or dpi size, please ask.
All pictures are drawn with Photoshop. Means you will get a PNG/PSD file if you want to.

..:: Payment Information ::..
I prefer PayPal. It's the only thing that works fine worldwide.
You can pay the money before or after I drew a preview sketch but I don't accept payment negotiations after the picture is finished. I have good reasons for this.
When transfering the money, please fill in your NICKNAME and COMMISSION into the information field.

PayPal Adress is: oliver @ oliverfox . de

So if you are interested, then E-Mail me: "oliver @ oliverfox . de"
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